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Sugaring Hair Removal

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Hair Removal for Baby Soft Skin - The Natural Way


Sugaring, sugar waxing, or Persian waxing is a method of hair removal that has been in use since 1900 BC. Ancient Egyptians developed Sugaring using a mixture of oil and honey that was applied to the body and then vigorously stripped to remove body hair with it. It works a lot like waxing, but instead of using hot wax to rip hairs out at the skin’s surface, estheticians use a room temperature, caramel-like substance made of sugar, lemon juice (Citric Acid) and water to pull body hairs out from the roots. Since it is made from natural ingredients, it is accepted by the skin which allows the sugar to seep down and wrap around each hair follicle.


Why Sugaring?


The Sugaring Hair Removal method will allow hair to grow back more slowly and finer. The hair that grows back from waxing, no matter how skilled the esthetician, will suffer 10-15% more breakage of the hair than from Sugaring because of how wax dries and sticks to the skin. Sugar never dries and the bulb (root) of each hair is more easily removed. The Sugar seeps through the hair follicle, lubricating the hair to make the extraction easier. People who wax usually notice early re-growth and a lot of ingrown hairs right under the skin, rather than pulled out from the follicle. This results in a superior and gentler hair removal experience.


Sugar does not stick to or adhere to living skin cells. This means that using Sugar leaves skin exfoliated, hairless and smooth. Wax often adheres to living skin cells, lifting with skin and hair when removed. Sugar is water soluble and excess can be removed with warm water. It is gentle enough to go over the same spot multiple times without causing trauma to the skin. This means less pain!! Sugaring hair removal causes the hair follicle to begin depleting, meaning less hair.


Sugaring will never burn the skin. It is made from lemon, water and Sugar. It will not damage facial skin tissue from long-term use. It can remove hair as short as 1/16th of an inch while wax requires as much as 1/4” regrowth. We can assist you diminishing ingrown hairs with Sugaring. You will feel soft and clean!


How do I prepare for my Sugaring session??

-    2 weeks prior to your Sugaring session stop all shaving, tweezing and cream hair removers to all areas you plan to have Sugared. You need at least 3 weeks growth to get started.

-    Do not drink alcohol before your Sugaring session. This leads to poor circulation, dilated blood vessels and makes the skin much more sensitive.

-    On the evening or morning before if you have a morning Sugaring appointment, it is a good idea to shower the night before and exfoliate using exfoliating gloves and a moisturizing body wash. These can be found at drugstores and Target. This helps remove some of the dead skin cells that cover some of the follicles and will ensure a great Sugaring session. Then, moisturize!! If you have your Sugaring appointment later in the day, do this in the morning. Make sure you wash these gloves regularly (They can be tooted in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry.) or buy new pairs as they cost very little.

-    Please shower or bathe before coming in for your Sugaring session. Hygiene is important when Sugaring to ensure we are removing hair and not just dead skin cells. If you are on your menstration cycle, that is ok. We ask you insert a fresh tampon. Feminine wipes will be provided prior to and after services.


New Clients:

If you are new to Sugaring and your have and important event to attend (wedding, anniversary, competition, vacation) PLEASE remember Sugaring is not with our issues for some people. Histamine Reactions (bumpy skin) is the most common adverse reaction and when steps are taken before and after sessions, this can be minimized or avoided completely. It is best to get at least 2 sessions in before events so that you know what to expect with your skin and how to take care of issues that may come up (this is all individual and can change month to month due to hormonal changes and weather, etc.). If you are unable to get 2 appointments in prior, please remember ton leave a 5-day minimum buffer between hair removal and scheduled events. Please remember this when scheduling.


Sugaring vs Waxing



-      All natural ingredients

-      Water Soluble

-      Does not adhere to live cells

-      Does not breed bacteria

-      Minimal Discomfort

-      Safely removes hair from follicle

-      Helps eliminate ingrown hairs

-      Safe for sensitive skin conditions

-      Skin feels soft, clean & comfortable

-      Removes hair in the direction of natural growth



-      Has chemical resins

-      Difficult to clean up

-      Adheres to live skin cells

-      Bacteria breeds in wax warmers

-      Very painful & traumatizing to skin

-      Long-term damage to skin cells

-      Results in follicle distortion/hair breakage

-      Can lead to ingrown hairs

-      Not 100% safe for any skin type

-      Skin feels uncomfortable, raw & irritated

-      Leaves 15-30% breakage under the skin, causing ingrown hair problems

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