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Sugaring Pricing

Text April for Introductory Specials at (720) 460-0941


Eyebrows (Includes shaping, trimming and tweezing if necessary) $25

Full Face (Includes brows, lip, sides of face and cheeks) $50

Chin or Neck $18

Lip (Top and Bottom) $15

Ears or Nose $15

Stomach Strip (From belly button to pant line) $18


Full Brazilian (Removes hair leaving a landing strip, triangle or completely bare. Hair is removed from the labia, perineum, inner buttocks)      

*Trimming may require an extra fee $15

1st Time $75*

Maintenance $55* (3-5 weeks)

Maintenance $65* (6-8 weeks)


Full Brazilian & Underarms

1st Time $100*

Maintenance $80 (6-8 weeks)


Basic Bikini (Removes all hair outside the panty line)

1st Time $35

Maintenance $25 (3-5 weeks)


French Bikini (More hair is removed than with Basic Bikini. Removes hair 2 inches from the bikini line up to and around naval. Hair is removed from the inner buttocks up to the perineum)

1st Time $50

Maintenance $40 (3-5 weeks)



Under Arms  $30


Abdomen $35

Buttocks $20

Toes $10

Sideburns $15

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